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Castasy offers a great streaming experience for your audience whether they are live-streaming a party, or a religious sermon or an important conference. The live streaming script can handle it all with ease.

  • HLS streaming protocol enables faster streaming of content from the source.
  • Intuitive negligible lag* viewing and streaming experience. (using recommended infrastructure)
  • Secure video streaming has been pen tested by expert developers.

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Live Streaming Script

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Online Classrooms are the quickest way to upskill your knowledge anywhere anytime. Using the live stream script, you can essentially create a safe space for learning that can benefit students looking to learn and skilled teachers.

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No matter your audience size, your brand can create and stream exclusive content for your audience using this live stream script. If you are an agency, you can deploy live streaming solutions for your customers in a matter of hours.

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A live streaming solution can be extremely helpful for those looking for strength & hope in these trying times. Houses of Worship can conduct virtual preaching sessions or one on one consultations for their countless followers using this live stream script.

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Make Conferences happen in a jiffy! Offer your audience the best conference experience right from their living room. Using the Php webcam live streaming script, you can conduct the conference on your own platform and offer custom branded conferences.

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Majority of the community interactions between governmental agencies and its citizens are going to be virtual in the coming years for the sake of safety and convenience. The Php webcam live streaming script can be securely set up, so you wouldn't have to depend on a third-party platform.

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Artists of all sizes have to really think about going global to cater to and connect with audiences across the globe. Tapping into the Php webcam live streaming script's capabilities, host music concerts that can be viewed by aficionados everywhere.

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Minimal Hardware Setup

Broadcast from just about anywhere, You can connect and configure professional video recording equipment to stream the video live or you can simply start broadcasting from your mobile phone. It's really that simple.

  • Low initial cost of investment.
  • Set up and get started right away.
  • Works across multiple devices seamlessly.

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Share Engaging Content.

No holds barred. Create, share, and own content without any restriction. Have complete control of your content on the live stream script. Sharing content across social media will increase your brand's presence and drive traffic to your website.

  • Easily shareable links on social media.
  • Improve brand visibility.
  • Data Privacy, comply with the guidelines and norms of other countries.

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Record Live stream

Recording content on the live stream for future reference and on-demand playback. All the recorded videos can be downloaded in a popular format for upload on video sharing websites. Easily record webinars that can be shared and stored on LMS websites.

  • Most requested feature from customers.
  • Offers Great convenience.
  • Downloadable video streams.

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White Labeled Live Streaming Script.

Completely customizable script to start your business right away. Change the branding and deploy it on your server. You get the source code that can be customized to your needs.

  • Customizable UI and other elements.
  • Robust APIs to build newer features.
  • Un-encrypted Source Code.


We've built some amazing thoughtful features right inside the Php webcam live streaming script to easily manage the business and still many are on the way, getting better with each version.

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What is a Live Stream Script?

A ready-made live stream script allows anyone to start a video streaming platform instantly. People can use the platform for a variety of reasons. They can host an interview, host a music gig, connect with friends & family, or host workshops online with multiple participants at the same time.

How easy is it to install the Php webcam live streaming script?

The live stream script has an installation manual that walks you through the entire installation process step by step on how to install the script. It should be fairly easy to set up with the help of your developers, as the steps may be known to them already.

My developer team is limited, can you folks customize the Open Source webinar recording software?

We'd love to customize the live stream script for you. Please get in touch with the team to take this forward.

Do you recommend any server that I can use for this Castasy live stream script?

We normally recommend Amazon AWS as it allows flexibility to scale up the server tier in case you need it. In addition to that, AWS has a whole ecosystem of products like CDN, colocation, and other important security products like WAF, etc that can help secure the script from some of the known threats.

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